Harriet Currie Cert HSA, RCH


Harriet completed her Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals in 2013. She began volunteering at an established Hydrotherapy training centre in early 2014, working in both a pool and water treadmill, and was able to commence working full time as a Hydrotherapist later that year. She brings to the Millhaven team a wealth of experience and expertise gained over 3 years in clinical practice. In early 2017, Harriet furthered her knowledge by completing the Level 3 Diploma Advanced Water Treadmill qualifications. She is very passionate about rehabilitation, and has a special interest in canine nutrition and the importance of diet to the recovery process.

Harriet's love for dogs started at a young age, growing up with her best friend and family rescue dog, Ben. Harriet loves being in the water, having spent much of her childhood in the sea. She is a qualified Advanced PADI Scuba Diver. She also loves to travel, and is a keen photographer – her dogs are her favourite subjects!


Joanna Bryden Cert HSA, RCH

Jo completed her Level 3 Hydrotherapy Certificate in 2014. She has since volunteered and done locum work at a number of hydrotherapy centres whilst looking for the right opportunity to take the next step towards her dream of running her own centre. She has continued to expand her knowledge within the area of canine rehabilitation by completing a number of professional development courses, including canine massage therapy and physiotherapy. Jo has extensive personal experience of caring for geriatric dogs, and has a special interest professionally in their care and wellbeing; she believes passionately in the use of hydrotherapy as a valuable treatment for arthritis. 

Jo has always had a canine family member in her life, and enjoys nothing more than spending time out and about exploring the countryside with her dog Enzo. She is passionate about the welfare of all animals and hopes that one day, she may get a chance to work with the other animal love of her life – hippos!


Garth Bryden Adv Dip SA Hydro, Cert HSA, RCH, AIRVAP

Garth gained his Level 3 Hydrotherapy Certificate in 2015, and like Jo has established his hydrotherapy practice working with other centres alongside his career in financial services. He has also attained the NCFE accredited Level 4 qualification in Canine Merishia Massage, adding a valuable enhancement to the treatments Millhaven can provide to our patients. In addition he has completed professional development courses in Phototherapy and Thermography for the animal practitioner, along with the Level 3 Diploma in Advanced Water Treadmill techniques. During 2017 Garth also completed the Level 5 Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals, passing with a Distinction. This is an advanced qualification in canine rehabilitation taught by K9 Hydro Services, a leading UK training centre for veterinary hydrotherapy. The techniques he has learnt enable Garth to offer the most comprehensive and up to date hydrotherapy treatment possible to our clients.

Garth has rehomed many older rescue dogs along with Jo and enjoys spending his spare time using the therapy techniques he has learned to ensure Enzo is as comfortable as possible. He has a keen interest in many sports, particularly motor racing and American Football.


Richard Arnold Cert HSA


Richard completed his Level 3 certificate in Small Animal Hydrotherapy in April 2016 and previously gained experience at a local centre. He is also the Millhaven pool engineer alongside his full time career in engineering management. He has always had an affinity with dogs, and having seen the benefits of hydrotherapy from an owner’s perspective with his dog Milo, he is looking forward to being part of a rehabilitation team and helping other canine patients.

With support from family and friends, Richard has installed the Millhaven hydrotherapy pool, working tirelessly to ensure everything is just right for our clients.

Richard grew up on a farm and has always had working dogs in his life; he enjoys studying canine behaviour and spending time training with his own dogs. Richard loves water sports, and is a qualified Advanced PADI Scuba Diver. He is also a big Star Wars fan!