Situated in the quiet village of Glentworth in the Lincolnshire countryside, Millhaven are proud to offer purpose built facilities, including a large in ground pool and state of the art Hydro Physio hydrotherapy treadmill. We have a separate physiotherapy treatment room which offers a calm therapeutic environment.

We operate a 5.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 metre hydrotherapy pool which is easily accessible and has a large platform. This allows us to position your dog comfortably during the session, enabling the therapist to provide a range of proprioceptively enriched aquatic manual therapies. Our pool water is heated to 30 - 32 degrees centigrade to provide optimal temperature conditions for the provision of therapy. 


Our treadmill is a bespoke installation set into the floor so that patients do not have to navigate ramps or steps to enter or exit the treadmill. It is also of an extended length so that even the largest dogs can benefit from this therapy. Having both a pool and hydrotherapy treadmill means we can better tailor our treatment programmes to optimise them for the specific needs of each patient.

As an ethical and environmentally conscious business we have also installed specialist water treatment equipment in the form of an Elecro Quantum Photocatalytic Oxidiser that allows us to ensure the pool water is thoroughly sanitised while using the minimum amount of chemicals. This is better for our patients and hydrotherapists, as well as the environment.  

We test our water quality several times throughout the day to ensure it remains at the highest level and each month we submit it for external certification by a UKAS accredited laboratory.